With a foundation of traditional medicine, innovative scientific technology, and the leading natural products from Japan and Europe, Amadora is your best companion in taking care of your whole family’s beauty, physical and mental health.

In addition to providing the customers with their basic needs, Amadora wishes to deeply understand and furnish more quintessential values, touching the deepest aspiration in each person’s emotional plane. Here, each specialist is not only an artist with gifted hands that regenerate energy for both the body and mind; They are also soulmates who are willing to listen and share the thoughts and aspirations of our beloved customers.


Signature Amadora Spa Journey

The emotional fulfillment at Amadora is also consolidated by the picturesque scenery and melodious music like soothing water easing the mind, every detail is dotted to help provoke the artistic and creative side of each individual. So that when you have the chance to visit us, not only your beauty will be nourished and taken care of but also your spiritual sanctity will reach sublimity.


Customer Reviews

“Even though it’s not my first time coming to Amadora, this place always surprises me with the quality of services. The interior is really worth the compliments, which is meticulously designed, luxurious but still intimate, makes me feel relax as soon as I enter. I especially love the Five Elements energy therapy here, I feel like my body is relieved from fatigue and my skin also becomes smoother.”


“Because of my office job, I often sit a lot and don’t exercise, which leads to back, neck, and shoulder pain. I had heard about Amadora’s massage technique before, but when I experienced it the first time, I loved it so much! The specialist applied very moderate force, not causing any pain yet extremely comfortable. The pain in the neck and shoulders is significantly reduced, especially the back area when sitting for a long time is no longer as sore as before.


“At the age of 50s, my skin appeared wrinkled and became drier, no longer as smooth as before. I didn’t have much time to take care of myself at home, so I chose Amadora to recover and nourish my youth. After a month of persistently doing the anti-aging treatment, my skin has changed completely. Everyone asks me what to use. My skin is much smoother, brighter and smoother, especially the eye area is plump and looks more alive than before. Because I liked it so much, I signed up for a membership card!”